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FAQ’s about Giving at Home

Who runs Giving @ Home?

A Board of Officers and a Volunteer committee run Giving @ Home.

The Giving @ Home name?

We would love the word to get out! If you are requesting to use the name for solicitations it needs to be submitted to the officers. An approval process will take place and you will be notified of the decision. Giving is a Charity and very strict records of all monetary and material donations must be kept for auditing purposes therefore any funds or items donated from solicitations must come directly to Giving @ Home.

Can I place a G @ H link on other web sites?

If you wish to have Giving @ Home linked to another site, please submit the request along with the site address and an answer will be given within 48 hours.

Can I link the site in Auctions?

We are no longer running auctions under the Giving @ Home name, however  if you wish to have an auction to help our charity or someone who we are helping then please use our Contact Form to ask for permission.

This page will be updated often in efforts to provide answer to FAQ’s. If you have a question please:

Email Ellen Hayes, our President by Clicking Here
and fill out the request form.